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Hi there! Welcome to CustomKicksNL. It’s nice to know that you want to know about the man behind the sneakers. My name is Enrique Wauters, living in The Netherlands and owner of CustomKicksNL. 

I give sneakers a unique touch by customizing them completely according to your wishes. All of the sneakers are made by hand! You can inform us with your desires, and we can discuss all the possibilities ⚡️.

For the geeks: I use the best quality leather paint, Angelus. The paint is water and scratch-proof. We can guarantee that the paint will stay on it, and won’t worn off.

I customized my very first shoe back in 2017. It was an old pair of my brother which he didn’t wear anymore. I received a lot of positive messages and that was when I created my own Instagram account! 2 years later and I launched my own website receiving multiple orders a week!

If you want to start your own custom sneaker project make sure to hit me up!


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